Monday, March 21, 2016


A generic pizza from google
This isn't necessarily a post about pizza in literature or movies or media. But if it was I would say that pizza is vastly unappreciated in media. Most people will eat pizza hot or re-heated in the microwave but rarely do we meet those few in movies or television shows where they eat the pizza cold & it's not seen as something strange. Real people eat cold pizza, from the fridge not pizza thats been sitting on the dining room table since last night gross pizza, but pizza that has sat in the cold refrigerated air & then they just take it out & eat it. This is normal, so are olives on pizza. Its like the only pizza that exists in movie/television world are the generic pepperoni or meat lovers with the occasional vegan joke. Olives on pizza are normal like pineapple & squid ink, which is yes a pizza topping. You google pizza & look at the images & the first one you see is your every day pepperoni pizza, yes its familiar but we aren't watching the show/movie for something familiar that we can see in everyday life. We're watching it because it intrigues us with how different it is. People actually stalk other people or have secret club meetings or magic schools, who's to say that they eat the same sort of food as everyone else? Not everyone likes the same taste so why portray it that way when you could have characters that eat eggs on their pizza?
My friends & I have been playing Skyrim lately & recently they've been introducing me to mods, which is great because now I can be upset over bone meal pizza mods, glow dust pizza, bear claw pizza, I mean for creativity sake if you can bee's & troll fat why not put them on a pizza? I mean if there's a mod where the dragons are turned into Thomas the Tank Engine why not have one for really weird pizza flavors?

In short the media has a poor representation of pizza & it is vastly unappreciated. Also Skyrim should have pizza mods.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Media Over the Break

Over the break my media usage was something like: scroll through Facebook, check Tumblr briefly, while talking with people over Skype & Facebook.
I also re read the amazing Throne of Glass series which is about an assassin & a prince & someone is really a queen of a country thats been destroyed but that's spoilers. Its a good read but a long series & i reread it since the title for the fifth book was released. The intention was to make it last until the book itself released but somehow it didnt work.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Story Game(s)

So one of the things I find interesting, now that my friends have gotten me into games, is that there are games that are stories and the story progresses by what you say or choose to do. By which I mean your character is given a dialogue option when talking to another character & based on which option you choose the story progresses. 
This is the main layout for
the entire game
One of the potential photos
you can earn through
purchasing story lines.
I downloaded one out of curiosity & found that it basically tells like a story with three different possible endings for each character you choose. Of course being a game there are other options, dressing up the avatars & such but the main part of it was reading the story & choosing options to get closer to an ending.
Throughout the story different pictures of the avatars can be earned through purchasing things to progress the story. A way for the game to discreetly get money, a pay to play if you will, in which the game makes the player want to pay money to get the desired photo and ending. I thought it was a clever layout for the company to get money & the players to choose different stories. As a story it was enjoyable enough & the artwork is really good for it but there weren't many options to choose from as far as dialogue, mostly the story was set in motion & you choose which path to take at the end of each chapter.